Cooking class: idli from South India

Tonight, we had a special treat at our Ayurvedic clinic, it is called idli with coconut chutney and originates from South India.

It is very simple but there is beauty in its’ simplicity and even if you don’t feel like having it as a main dish, it can well be a wonderful snack before BBQ is ready.


2 bowls of semolina flour, 2 bowls of sour yoghurt, one-two spoons of baking powder. Mix them all for the consistency of dough you’d prepare for thick pancakes. Leave it for some time so that the baking powder gets its work done.

Then make small flat rounds of it and place in the steamer. Five minutes ready idli is ready.

Next, you’ll need to make a coconut chutney (I am sure other chutneys described previously will fit nicely here too).

Chop coconut (or take chopped dried coconut), add some fresh mint and corriander leaves, a small bowl of soaked peanuts, some water and then blend them all. In the meantime, fry some mustard seeds and curry leaves in ghee (or sesame oil) and add this boiling stuff into the blended coconut mass, add some sour yoghurt to make chutney sauce as thick as you prefer.

Dinner/snack is done!


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