Porridge à la Ignaty

Porridge à la Ignaty


Today, it’s all about porridge. Some like calling it ‘Ignaty‘s porridge’ – which is very flattering. Its base is organic jumbo oats, a bout a handful. I then add pumpkin and sunflower seeds (to get my Omega-3), ground* chia and sesame seeds (I find it hard to chew sesame and chia if they haven’t been ground, and I am pretty sure my stomach feels the same) – a teaspoon of each.

Porridge à la Ignaty
Porridge à la Ignaty mixed and ready to get water in

In go five Brazil nuts (for my potassium) and seven almonds (ideally I’d soak them in water overnight and then bleach but it doesn’t always happen). I break a few walnuts and/or pecans, add some hazelnuts and cashews if I feel like it. A couple of tablespoons of raisins go in to support my heart activity. And at last – a feast of colour – bright green pistachios.

I mix everything whilst dry and pour hot water in. Lately, I prefer having more water for a soupier consistency. The saucer is placed on top of the bowl, I give my porridge three to four minutes to rest.

Once in front of me on the table, I add a bit of maple syrup in. Mmm, yummy!

So I have my iron, calcium, omega-3 and vitamins to prepare me for the day ahead. I also think that thanks to breakfasts like this I can keep my hypothyroidism at bay – at least the last year has been fine.

Healthy porridge for a productive day
Porridge a la Ignaty ready to be enjoyed

Check my other post to see what else I have for breakfast.


*I use my Nutribullet to grind everything, it’s quick and much cheaper than buying ready-ground seeds in fancy packs. Besides, I can grind things in small batches and thus they have longer shelf life.

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  1. Delicious and nutritious! Thank you for introducing me to it. Personally, I prefer a little more porridge and a little less nuts. I also have a sweeter palate so add more raisins or bananas or syrup, or even blueberries!

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