How to wash your clothes? A good article to read.

The health coach encourages correct clothes washing. Photo by Daniel Spase via Unsplash.

Why would a health coach share an article about the correct washing of your clothes? Well, there are three reasons:

1. Your finance: you will save on buying new clothes and your water and electricity bills. This, in turn, will afford you more time to pursue things you love doing. Your mental and physical health will be enhanced by this.

2. Your health: you will be able to invest in higher quality natural-fibre clothing that is best for your skin, temperature regulation, and mood (affected by the comfort your body experiences). Choose cotton, (reused) wool, hemp, linen – these materials have served humanity well for hundreds of years.

3. Your environment: your water will be cleaner, you will be surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, your air will be less polluted.

So here is the article I refer to – enjoy and readjust your washing habits –

PS: What about showers and washing up I hear you ask? Similar principles to follow there: cooler (or cold) water, fewer detergent or soaps, shorter times or less frequent washing.

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