Lifestyle Coaching

To live optimally we should be grounded, know where our centre is and be able to reach it, eat properly and healthily, and have support systems in place to minimise problems. Lifestyle coaching creates a harmonious lifestyle that supports your journey through the stages of life coaching, the changes, and the transformations and personal development that creates a better and happier human being.

Let me use the following metaphor to explain what lifestyle coaching deals with.

‘No house can be safe and stable without solid foundations,’ I think we would all agree on that. We can take it a step further and agree that a house is not fit for purpose if the roof leaks, or if there’s no system in place to prevent cold or provide heat.

To make the house habitable, and comfortable for the occupier, major services need to be installed, and the décor needs to be a certain style. To make the occupier happy and content the location of the house is important. The house and the occupier have a symbiotic, holistic relationship where the occupier improves the house and the house provides protection, comfort, and an environment where the occupier can thrive.

When lifestyle coaching I apply the same principles. The coaching I offer is built on the mind and the body working together in unison, the body providing the perfect environment for the mind to maximise its potential.

Your transformation can start, right now, by sending a simple message via the contact form to arrange your coaching sessions online, via Skype, or in Harborne, Birmingham, UK.