Simon Reeve on male infertility

Male infertility is linked to increased toxicity.

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Today, I’d like to share an excerpt from the article in The Guardian (Saturday, 6th November, 2021) in which well-known traveller and journalist Simon Reeve very bravely and candidly shares his personal story and challenges of becoming a father.

So much in this story is about us all and various health issues we face as individuals and as a society, so much in this story suggests the real cause of why our dear NHS is overwhelmed, yet we do almost nothing to fix this situation. As a health coach, I have helped a number of people to change their lifestyles and instill better health habits, but this number, of course, dwarfs in comparison to hundreds of millions of other who need help, who need change of the environment, culture, and behaviour.

“Reading more about the subject (of infertility – IDR) saw my frustration turn to anger – fertility is on a downward spiral and we’re being poisoned by the modern world. Some experts believe the sperm counts of western men have fallen by more than 50% over recent decades and that their defectiveness is on the rise. Meanwhile, others believe the number of miscarriages is increasing and that egg quality is in steep decline.

“One of the most significant problems affecting fertility is endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which can mimic and interfere with the hormones that regulate and run our bodies. EDCs are used in plastic and thousands of products, including cosmetics, toys, clothes, soft furnishings, pesticides and the linings of tinned foods. They’re everywhere. Usually they’re not even listed on labels. Yet for decades study after study has shown they pose an existential risk.

“We’re poisoning ourselves out of existence, and our consumer capitalist democracies seem incapable of stopping it. It’s a reality of our health and wellbeing that should fill us with rage and fear.

“I went on a health kick, cutting out some of the things I’d always felt made life worth living. Gradually, we saw my sperm’s scores improve. The transformation in my sperm’s morphology once I lived a healthier, cleaner lifestyle convinced me there needs to be intervention to stop us poisoning ourselves out of existence.

“Mother Nature took pity on me, helping me see off the chemicals I’d spent a lifetime consuming. In less than a year, enough of my boys became healthy enough to have a shot.”

Read the full article in The Guardian here

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