Reading list for cancer patients

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I am regularly asked by clients and friends recently diagnosed with cancer where they start and where they can find information.

Of course, there are many webpages – of varying degrees of usefulness and quality. However, as an author and cancer survivor myself, I find that books are usually a good place to find information without much overwhelm.

Here is the shortlist of books I always recommend to start with:

‘How to Live’ by Professor Robert Thomas. Consultant oncologist in Cambridge, he talks about lifestyle changes and their impact on health and cancer survival. All of his suggestions are backed up by massive research body from around the world)

‘Anticancer’ by Dr David Servan-Schreiber. Twice cancer survivor himself, medical researcher, now sadly passed away, David describes the changes he introduced in his life that helped him to live longer than his doctors originally had expected. In those extra gained twelve years he met his partner, raised a child and achieved a lot in his career.

‘When body says no’ by Dr Gabor Mate. Canadian GP describes a number of case studies, primarily his female patients with cancer and other chronic diseases.

‘The Future of Nutrition’ by Dr Campbell. Not directly related to cancer, but an important read on how nutrition affects health based on his twenty-year old and multimillion patient ‘China Study’.

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