Ultra-processed foods: time to re-consider?

Is it really a bread?

Bread has been part of our diet for generations; biscuits have supported many of us in good or bad times, and it is a bliss to have a scoop of ice-cream on a hot day. Yet, the meanings of the words ‘bread’, ‘ice-cream’, or ‘biscuit’ have changed in the past decades; the products they commonly denote now shouldn’t be part of our diets.

The innocent words have been appropriated by harmful ultra-processed substances, so we need to be vigilant and re-consider what we put in our mouths. It takes time and energy but if we don’t do it now, on an individual level to start with, then long-term we will lose much more.

This week’s investigation by Panorama will hopefully help many on their journey to better and healthier lives. If you need help with going through your eating habits and making tweaks to your weekly shopping, book a session with me – http://lifesensei.uk/contact-me/

Common ultra-processed foods:

Mass-produced bread and sweetened breakfast cereals

   Instant soups, pre-packaged and microwave ready meals

   Fruit-flavoured yogurts

   Reconstituted meat – like ham and sausages

   Ice cream, crisps and biscuits

   Soft drinks and some alcoholic drinks – like whisky, gin, and rum

Read more on the BBC website – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-65754290

Photo by Charles Chen on Unsplash

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