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I became a life coach after surviving cancer when as an entrepreneur, public speaker, trainer, and writer, I had to readjust to my new reality. The journey has taken eight years so far and I view it as an ongoing process of transformation.

Facing the realities of a life-changing illness gave me great clarity and focused my thoughts on taking control of my future. Rather than being a passenger I decided to plot the course for my future (however long) life.

Full member of the Association for Coaching, I now use that experience to facilitate and guide others through life and health coaching – in-person in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK, and on Zoom.

Inna: Ignaty is a very careful listener and I appreciated the natural flow of the conversations. Ignaty is very good at capturing the main points in one’s speech, summarising one’s thoughts and asking the right questions and facilitate finding the answers for oneself.

I’ve been teaching various subjects since 2001, trained as a business mentor in 2012, underwent a life coaching course in 2016, and qualified as a life coach in 2019 (University of Warwick). Alongside this, I set up three businesses, published a series of textbooks, became a chartered linguist, and travelled the world.

What else have I done in the past few years alongside developing my Leamington-based life coaching practice?

  • I serve on the Committee for The Leamington Society (a local conservation charity).
  • I stood for the Leamington Town Council in the 2023 local elections (four votes short of being elected a Councillor).
  • I served as Chair of the Society of Authors Educational Writers’ Group Committee, member of the UK Reiki Federation Management Committee, fundraised and volunteered for Dimbleby Cancer Care, Gift of Life, and Mary’s Living and Giving charities.
  • As a Chartered Linguist, I taught a limited number of Russian and EFL classes and delivered teacher training and workshops.
  • Director of Russia Local, I managed a small portfolio of our long-term clients and offered consulting, translation, and language teaching.
  • Author of a series of unconventional Russian and ELT textbooks used at schools, universities in the UK, Europe, US, India, Russia, I now challenge myself with writing fiction.
  • Full member of the Society of Authors and Association for Coaching.

My work over the years has led to me appearing in newspapers and on media including:



Plus: Southend Learning Network, Regent’s University London, University of East Anglia, and University College London.

My path to date has been varied, challenging, and rewarding, and has given me a vast experience in personal development, setting and achieving goals, dealing with change, and guiding others to define and discover their own personal version of success. We should now talk about you and your future success. Take the first step and contact me


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