Cancer Coaching

You are faced with a new self and a thousand questions and doubts. It is the fight for a victory you cannot even imagine at first. Yet, this victory can bring the prospect of a wonderful, different life – what will yours look like? You can decide.

I know the challenges caused by cancer, I’ve been there. As a language teacher and author, I faced the cruelty of tongue cancer. I handled the battle for survival, transformed with the changes it imposed, and experienced the daily uncertainty.

A devastating time on my journey through life, but one that has given me a unique insight that I now use to help others.

I’m here to support you in getting used to your new normal and choosing what to do with your new life, send me a message to arrange your cancer coaching sessions on Zoom, or in my practice in central Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

One more metaphor, if I may:

Why would one use recycled paper? Different from your regular paper, it is still high quality and can be used for a variety of purposes. Recycling, as any other transformation, is not easy. It takes time and energy, yet when one stage of the paper’s life cycle has finished a wonderful new paper is created with plenty of life in it.