The first step of our life coaching journey together is to define what success means for you.

This can be an enlightening experience, discovering what you really want from life and having a precise goal and purpose. With a clear picture of how success looks, sounds, and feels, the life coaching process then moves to creating a personal plan to achieve your goals.

Life coaching isn’t counselling, nor is it psychotherapy. View it the same way as coaching in sports, where an experienced professional coach, who’s been there and experienced what they’re going through, helps athletes and players to get the best out of themselves and find the most effective ways to achieve success.

Eve: “Ignaty really helped me to find some more direction when my life was in a bit of turmoil- I would definitely recommend!”

My Approach to life coaching

My approach to coaching is co-creative. I’ll help you to define your success and set a plan in place to achieve it using a mixture of somatic coaching, a fascinating holistic approach for change and transformation, co-active coaching, and proven traditional models such as GROW and SMART.

As a co-creative coach, I use effective questioning techniques and empower you to access and use the skills and creativity you already possess. Only when asked, or to move us forward, will I offer suggestions or advice.

Whether you’re looking for direction and purpose in life, have important decisions to make, or are facing life changing illness, the life coaching services I offer could be right for you at this time, maybe that’s what brought you to this page.

Inna: I have discovered gem of a life coach.
I was in the process of major life changes: moving countries, new job searches, new everything so at first I couldn’t wrap my head around the best way to start as it was quite overwhelming. Ignaty through a series of sessions gently guided me through working out the long term vision for my future and after defining it plan my short term goals. Ignaty is a very careful listener and I appreciated the natural flow of the conversations. Ignaty is very good at capturing the main points in one’s speech, summarising one’s thoughts and asking the right questions and facilitate finding the answers for oneself. We did a few very useful exercises to help visualise the future, too. I highly recommend Ignaty as a wonderful life coach!

Taking your first step on the life coaching journey

So that you and I can both make a decision on whether we would like to work together, I offer you a 30 minute informal first meeting free of charge. This will allow us to get to know each other, see if the chemistry is right, and explore your reasons for considering life coaching. To book your free meeting, and take the first step on this journey, send me a message using the contact page, and let me know if you prefer the meeting to take place over the telephone or by Skype