Inna, Environmental Consultant, Myanmar

I have discovered gem of a life coach.
I was in the process of major life changes: moving countries, new job searches, new everything so at first I couldn’t wrap my head around the best way to start as it was quite overwhelming. Ignaty through a series of sessions gently guided me through working out the long term vision for my future and after defining it plan my short term goals. Ignaty is a very careful listener and I appreciated the natural flow of the conversations. Ignaty is very good at capturing the main points in one’s speech, summarising one’s thoughts and asking the right questions and facilitate finding the answers for oneself. We did a few very useful exercises to help visualise the future, too. I highly recommend Ignaty as a wonderful life coach!

Life, health and wellbeing coach. Cancer coach. Reiki Master Practitioner. Leamington Spa, CV32, Warwickshire, and Tettenhall, WV6, Wolverhampton, UK.