Natasha, Lawyer, PhD candidate, UK

Most importantly, out of these ten sessions I’ve come out strong and full of energy, feeling much more powerful than before we started; and, to think, we’ve only worked on issues like what my goal is, what my means are, what priority is, and what can be left behind (sometimes, happily). I’ve figured out the project I’d like to concentrate on in the next few years, and the resources for it have been identified. One of the findings was, for example, that if you separate your own deadlines from those of others, your life gets better and better. During the last weeks of our coaching course, things I’d wanted for years, just started happening.

Life, health and wellbeing coach. Cancer coach. Reiki Master Practitioner. Leamington Spa, CV32, Warwickshire, and Tettenhall, WV6, Wolverhampton, UK.