Olena, Head of Representative Office, Ukraine

I’m overweight and for years I’ve been trying to get rid of those extra pounds – in vain, however, I could never maintain the results. A diet would rid me of three stone, then I would gain weight again – sometimes up to four stone more! I would go on yet another diet and lose three and a half stone, then put it all back on within weeks. Whatever I’d do, my weight would come back again and again.

Meeting Ignaty has changed a lot in my life. Step by step he taught me how to love myself, understand my desires and needs, set right priorities (right ones for me!), have effective steps to achieve my goals and move forward. Thanks to working with Ignaty, I no longer have internal barriers, which would stop me achieving my goal. I learnt how to eat well, enjoying healthy (!) food.

Life, health and wellbeing coach. Cancer coach. Reiki Master Practitioner. Leamington Spa, CV32, Warwickshire, and Tettenhall, WV6, Wolverhampton, UK.