Sarah, Lawyer, UK

Ignaty has helped me greatly with his life coaching. His approach is to look at many, varied aspects of life – diet, posture, breathing, sleep – and analyse how they may be affecting one’s life in general. I’ve found his approach very helpful, and in some ways transformative. He draws on the wisdom and insight of other cultures to give a counterpoint to our often materialistic Western culture, and I have really learned to pay attention to things in life that I might previously have seen as relatively trivial. His manner is very kind, sympathetic and encouraging. I have found it a very valuable experience and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Vlada, corporate partnerships manager, UK

Thank you, Ignaty, for your help and support. After a few well structured sessions I’ve learned how to find a greater balance in my life and have moved forward in achieving my new BIG goals!

Inna, Environmental Consultant, Myanmar

I have discovered gem of a life coach.
I was in the process of major life changes: moving countries, new job searches, new everything so at first I couldn’t wrap my head around the best way to start as it was quite overwhelming. Ignaty through a series of sessions gently guided me through working out the long term vision for my future and after defining it plan my short term goals. Ignaty is a very careful listener and I appreciated the natural flow of the conversations. Ignaty is very good at capturing the main points in one’s speech, summarising one’s thoughts and asking the right questions and facilitate finding the answers for oneself. We did a few very useful exercises to help visualise the future, too. I highly recommend Ignaty as a wonderful life coach!

Natasha, Lawyer, PhD candidate, UK

Most importantly, out of these ten sessions I’ve come out strong and full of energy, feeling much more powerful than before we started; and, to think, we’ve only worked on issues like what my goal is, what my means are, what priority is, and what can be left behind (sometimes, happily). I’ve figured out the project I’d like to concentrate on in the next few years, and the resources for it have been identified. One of the findings was, for example, that if you separate your own deadlines from those of others, your life gets better and better. During the last weeks of our coaching course, things I’d wanted for years, just started happening.

Olena, Head of Representative Office, Ukraine

I’m overweight and for years I’ve been trying to get rid of those extra pounds – in vain, however, I could never maintain the results. A diet would rid me of three stone, then I would gain weight again – sometimes up to four stone more! I would go on yet another diet and lose three and a half stone, then put it all back on within weeks. Whatever I’d do, my weight would come back again and again.

Meeting Ignaty has changed a lot in my life. Step by step he taught me how to love myself, understand my desires and needs, set right priorities (right ones for me!), have effective steps to achieve my goals and move forward. Thanks to working with Ignaty, I no longer have internal barriers, which would stop me achieving my goal. I learnt how to eat well, enjoying healthy (!) food.

Rahwa, Official, US

Ignaty was an excellent mentor! He would always provide information, and push me to look at the bigger picture, 5 or 10 years from the present. This helped me to really put my goals and methods of achieving them into order. He was brutally honest, responsive, and always on time to our meetings.

Tania, Property Developer, London, UK

Ignaty is a great business coach and mentor. He has a very clear vision of what a successful business looks like and how it affects an entrepreneur’s life. We’ve been working together for over six months now, and my business has gradually become more structured and organised, I can focus on what my strengths are and am much more comfortable and efficient in outsourcing the rest to my partners and subcontractors. It’s still very much a work in progress but I’m happy with the results we’ve got so far. Can’t recommend Ignaty highly enough.

Christine, Actress, UK

I’ll never be able to thank you enough, Ignaty, for what you did for me. Thanks to you, I’ve been free from constant money anxieties – the first time for years.

Olga, my mum, Russia

Ignaty, you’re a coach!