Workshops – Hire Me

You can hire me to deliver in-company training to enhance your employees’ wellbeing. This will show them that you care about their health – physical, emotional and mental. I can also be booked to talk at public events, such as festivals, conferences etc

I am a competent and aspiring speaker to both large and small groups. I have been delivering talks at public events with up to 200 attendees and smaller in-company workshops on a variety of topics for over 15 years.

In my workshops and talks you learn about a healthy approach to living: eating, sleeping, and movement (the system I call MEALS), as well as the importance of emotional, mental and spiritual health. I also share suggestions on how complementary therapies can support and enhance conventional medical protocols.

Linda: I thoroughly enjoyed the session Ignaty led for the Society of Authors. His kindness, wisdom and calmness were inspiring, and I think we all came away feeling refreshed and confident. As it was a small group we all had the chance to contribute and listen to each other, which was equally valuable. Thank you!

The audience will walk away with better understanding of how their minds and bodies work. They will also receive practical recommendations that can be applied one by one in their everyday lives without causing too much disruption. Yet, these recommendations can improve the quality of life and bring relaxation and happiness.

Contact me on to discuss your ideas further.

Delivering a talk at the City Business Library in London

Ignaty’s previous public engagements include:

  • Association of Green Councillors Conference, London, September 2022
  • The Society of Authors, SoA @Home Festival, 2021 and 2022
  • EcoFest Festival, Royal Leamington Spa, September 2021 and September 2022
  • The Language Show, online, November 2020
  • Educational Writers Group Seminar on Wellbeing, February 2020
  • Integrative Health Convention, London, October, 2019
  • The Language Show at London Olympia, November, 2019